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Tasks scheduling based on triggering event and work lists management

A computer-implemented method for scheduling, tracking, and executing performance of a set of tasks includes defining a time series, associating a current time occurrence on the time series, and associating a future time occurrence on the time series. Read More...

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Self-controlled digital authorization over communication networks

A system for authorizing an external device to access computerized records. The system includes a server. The server includes a computerized records data-store. Read More...

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Patient navigation and situational awareness derived through context-sensitive information blocks delivery

A surveillance system for monitoring of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application navigation through a plurality of navigation interfaces of an EMR application. Read More...

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Networking devices for storing profiles longitudinally

A method and networking device for tracking change in a computer executable profile includes retrieving computer executable profile information. Read More...

Featured Topics

Precision Learning

Tailored Intellectual Development harnesses advanced technologies and data analytics, offering a nuanced educational experience for professionals to master complex facets of intellectual property and innovation.

Digital Reputation Management

Proactively shaping a positive digital presence, Online Image Optimization involves strategic measures to enhance and safeguard an entity's online reputation.

Medical Device Integration

Seamless incorporation of medical devices into interconnected systems, Medical Device Integration optimizes healthcare workflows, fostering efficient data exchange and enhancing patient care.

Service Automation

Service Automation streamlines operational workflows by leveraging advanced technologies, optimizing efficiency, and ensuring seamless, error-free execution of routine tasks within a business environment.

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Aggregation of rating indicators

A computer-implemented method and system for publishing an aggregate rating indicator based on a plurality of discrete rating indicators associated with a rated entity. Read More...

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Computer-controlled precision education and training

A system for streaming of contextual micro-content blocks for a workflow task to facilitate task performance by a user. Read More...

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System for controlling medical devices

Controlling a multi-device module includes a physiological sensor configured to sense physiological characteristics of a subject and generate... Read More...

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Digital payment system

A digital payment system for facilitating seamless transactions from a user system to a buyer system. The system includes a service provider system which further includes a service interaction component... Read More...

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Networking devices for storing profiles longitudinally

A method and networking device for tracking change in a computer executable profile includes retrieving computer executable profile information.... Read More...

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Crowdsourced responses management to cases

A response management system and method configured to allow management of responses to a case submitted by an entity in a crowdsourced network. Read More...

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