Our Intellectual Property (IP) Assets Across Diverse Technologies and Industrial Applications

Welcome to our Intellectual Property (IP) Showcase. Our commitment to pioneering advancements in the last 10+ years in this field has resulted in a diverse portfolio of intellectual property that has the potential to transform the landscape of healthcare delivery. Discover how our IP can revolutionize the way we approach healthcare, and explore the opportunities it presents to advance patient care collaboratively.

Explore Our Patents Portfolio

Take a closer look into our patent portfolio, where you’ll discover comprehensive information about our innovations in digital healthcare. Each patent represents a unique solution designed to enhance healthcare accessibility, efficiency, and patient-centered care. Our portfolio comprises 74 patent filings, including 28 granted US patents for sale. Additionally, approximately a dozen more filings are in an unpublished stage, not accessible to the general public but available for disclosure under an NDA upon request.

Original Patent Documents

Access the official, unaltered patent documents, including detailed specifications, drawings, and claims, to get an in-depth understanding of the patented technology.

Layman Language Patent Summaries

Simplified explanations in plain language that break down complex patents, making them accessible to individuals without a patent/legal background.

Claim Summaries

Concise summaries of the key claims within each patent, highlighting the specific innovations and protections provided by the patent.

Use Case Examples

Real-world scenarios and practical applications that illustrate how each patent can be utilized in various industries and situations.

Visual Representations

Visual aids such as infographics, diagrams, and flowcharts that visually explain the patent’s concepts and functionality.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answers to common queries about our patents, the patent acquisition process, licensing, and other relevant patent topics, providing clarity and guidance to users.

Explore Our Defensive Disclosures

Dive into our collection of defensive disclosures, where you’ll gain insights into our strategies for protecting and fortifying our innovations in digital healthcare. Each disclosure is a proactive measure designed to safeguard our intellectual property and ensure the continued advancement of healthcare solutions.